Senegal at Croatia 6/8/18 - International Friendly Picks & Predictions

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Senegal at Croatia 6/8/18 - International Friendly Picks & Predictions

Croatia are in a really competitive group in the World Cup, so they have been picking some really strong friendlies in order to warm up. After losing to Brazil on Sunday, Croatia will now play host to Senegal on Friday, who are also going to the World Cup. However, they have a much easier group to handle.

Croatia fought really hard against Brazil when the two met on Sunday, but they eventually fell by 0-2 in England. Despite having to withstand heavy pressure by their opponents, they held on for the better part of the match. However, they eventually conceded a goal at he 69th minute, and another one at the stoppage time to fall by 0-2. The Croatians used what is expected to be their starting line-up for the World Cup but with some changes. With Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria in their World Cup group, Croatia will surely look to finish at the 2nd spot of the group. Senegal have been somewhat lucky with the World Cup draw, as they are in a group with Colombia, Poland and Japan. With a little luck they can surely challenge at least the 2nd spot, and they do have the roster to back up that claim. They have a lot of players that are playing in the Premier League, Bundesliga and other major European competitions, and they are deadly up front. However, they have not done a very good job in their friendlies so far, as they have played for draws against Uzbekistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Luxembourg. They really need to improve in their two remaining friendlies in order to enter the World Cup with some momentum.

Neither team has been very good in their friendlies so far, but this is going to be a really good test for both sides before traveling to Russia. Croatia have a better team, at least on paper, but the speedy Senegalese will surely cause problems to a somewhat slow Croatian defense.

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