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2020 Bundesliga Odds To Win Title - Soccer Picks & Predictions

After taking a couple of months off due to the coronavirus pandemic Bundesliga is set to return to the pitch this month, in fact May 16th. However, the odds for the potential winner of the championship could be something that has some fans sitting up and taking notice. Now, the downside is like most of the major sports for the year the fans cannot witness the games in person. The television stations, though, have mentioned that they would be covering quite a few of the Bundesliga games when they do return.

One of the odds on favorites to win is obviously Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich has a talented group of players that can come to the pitch and really heat up the field. However, with a couple of months off returning it will really depend on if the team ended up keeping up with conditioning or not during the off season. Bayern Munich does have a 4 point lead in Bundesliga.

Now, the next team that is behind the Bayern Munich team is Borussia Dortmund which has a total of 51 points. The good news is Dortmund has managed to play great on the year and has shown some improvement on the year before the season was suspended temporarily. Dortmund is one team that could really have a good chance of running down Munich. However, one other team that could have a great chance of running down Munich would be Leipzig. The downside is Leipzig is one team that could have a good run as well, but on the downside Leipzig is not that great of a team to start off and restarting the year could lead to them having issues.

Bayern Munich -500

Borussia Dortmund +500

RB Leipzig +1000

Borussia Monchengladbach +10000

Bayern Leverkusen +15000

Free Pick:
Bayern Munich -500

Bundesliga is coming back on May 16th to the empty stadiums, but will be shown on television. Now, the favorite to win is Bayern Munich and that is very easy to see why. Munich has a lot of talent and can really come into their own in picking up wins. Not to mention, Bayern Munich is one team that is able to start off quickly and continue to play strong which will really help them in getting the win in the Bundesliga this year. Bundesliga Winner, Bayern Munich.

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