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Top 5 Scorers In The NHL 2020 - NHL Picks & Predictions

Scoring in the NHL comes in a variety of forms. However, one of the most common forms and one that is the most looked at is the number of goals that the players have ended up putting in the back of the net. Now, when the NHL season hit the pause button the teams had some great players leading their teams, but who among those are the best? Lets find out by exploring the top 5 goal scorers in the NHL.

David Pastrnak is a coleader of the scoring for the NHL with the goals. Pastrnak has ended up getting a lot of support from his teammates as he plays for the Bruins. Pastrnak has ended up with a total of 48 goals on the year. However,  just like his co goal leader it can be questioned if Pastrnak would be playing as good without the type of support he is getting.

Alex Ovechkin is the other player who is tied with Pastrnak in the tie for the goal lead. Ovechkin has ended up getting a total of 48 goals on the year for the Washington Capitals. Now, Ovechkin does have a lot of support, but does not have nearly as much in the way of support as what Pastrnak has to help him in scoring.

Auston Matthews is a great player and one that is showcasing quite a bit of skill to get the goals that he has. Matthew plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs and is definitely not getting as much support from his teammates and looks like one player that can carry a team. Matthews has ended up with a total of 47 goals on the year.

Coming in for the Oilers, yes the Oilers, is Leon Draisaitl with 43 goals. Now, Draisaitl only has a little bit of support and it mainly comes from Connor McDavid, but even then he can only help so much. This alone shows the type of talent that Draisaitl has in the way of being able to find the back of the net.

Mika Zibanejad is the player who rounds out the top 5 when it comes to finding the back of the net. He is with the New York Rangers and while the Rangers are not that horrible of a team, their offense is not nearly as good as what it could be. Zibanejad has ended up with a total of 41 goals and that is definitely a showcase of his skill.

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