Sabres at Ducks 10/16/19 - NHL Picks & Predictions

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Sabres at Ducks 10/16/19 - NHL Picks & Predictions

Is Buffalo for real this year? That is a question that has been circulating among the NHL circles this year. However, one thing that the Sabres have done is show up really well in their offensive performance, but this year the defense has shown up as well. While the fast start is nice, the Sabres fans are definitely going to have to try to work on avoiding any type of disappointment if the Sabres do have some shortcomings later on this year.

When it comes to scoring the Sabres have managed to get 4 goals a game on the year. The team has ended up getting a conversion on the power play rate at 42.9% on the year. The Sabres have allowed only 2.17 goals a game on the year, but has killed off the penalties at 76.5% on the year.

The Ducks are coming in with a longer road trip than what they wanted to have this early on in the season. However, the Ducks are a team that will be able to play through it and if they come back home at the five hundred mark the Ducks are going to have a good record and one that they will be proud of because of how they were able to play.

This year the Ducks offense has managed to score at a clip of 2.17 goals a game, but have yet to score on the power play this year. The Ducks defense has allowed only 1.67 goals a game and have done really good at killing off the power play at 84.2%.

While the Ducks have been able to play really well defensively they have already dropped 2 road games and those struggles are not coming from the normal collapse the Ducks have had in the past. In this game, the Ducks defense will play decent, but end up having some issues in getting the goals scored against the Sabres defense that has improved quite a bit this year. Final Score Prediction, Buffalo Sabres win 3-1.

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