Penguins at Rangers 1/2/19 - NHL Picks & Odds

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Penguins at Rangers 1/2/19 - NHL Picks & Odds

The Penguins are starting to look like they did last when they were able to make the playoffs. Now, the Penguins are going to face the Rangers here and that could be something the team is going to like because it will help them in getting the confidence they need to help them in getting more wins this year.

In the year the Penguins have been able to score 3.38 goals per game on the year. Defensively, the Penguins have been giving up 2.90 goals a game. When it comes to the power play the Penguins are converting at 26.6% on the season, but the defense is killing off 83.6% of the power plays. The Rangers have not shown up on the ice consistently this year. With that being the case the Rangers are one of those teams that will continue to have quite a few problems in getting the wins. What else is going to be an issue for the Rangers is the defense is one that has had a lot of issues in protecting the net.

On the year the Rangers have been able to score only 2.79 goals per game. The defense for the Rangers is giving up 3.18 goals a game. The power play of the Rangers is converting at 20.7%, but the defense is killing off 77%.

The offense of the Penguins is very good and facing a weak Rangers defense it will definitely help the Penguins out. The Rangers offense will definitely have some major issues in this game as the Penguins have shown up big recently defensively. Final Score Prediction, Pittsburgh Penguins win 5-2.

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