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Long Shots To Win 2021 Stanley Cup

The odds to win the NHL title have already been put in place for the 2021 season, but it will definitely be a season that can provide a lot of excitement. Not to mention with the shorter turnaround for the season to start back and starting in the middle of winter it can make it very difficult to judge who will come around with the title. However, you may want to know who the long shots are to win the Stanley Cup next year.

Washington Capitals +1700

The Capitals are kind of shocked to see them as a long shot list with how close they have come to winning the title in the past. At the same time, though, it is very easy to see why with all the salary cup cuts being made among the teams. However, it really depends on how well Alexander Ovechkin is when he comes back, but also if John Carlson is able to come back to the form that he had been playing in prior to the pause last year. Another major change that has been made comes in the net with Braden Holtby gone and Henrik Lindqvist, the former Rangers goalie, minding the pipes.

Columbus Blue Jackets +4500

It is hard to discount the level of talent the Blue Jackets have on their roster with Korpisalo running the net. Throw in some of the off season signings to help bolster a lackluster offense and it could be easy to see Columbus improving to the point of threatening for the Stanley Cup. However, the one thing that the Blue Jackets have to avoid this season is the injury bug that hit the team before and cost the team some momentum. The other thing that could play against the Blue Jackets is if the off season signings fall flat as that would dramatically impact the offense for the Blue Jackets.

Edmonton Oilers +2100

After getting beaten by the Blackhawks in the playoffs the Oilers are looking to play and rebuild a little bit on the year. However, one thing the Oilers do have going for them is the fact that their offense has Draisaitl and McDavid coming back on the season. Now, the Oilers are also bringing back a couple of good players on the wings as well from the team last season and that could help them out as well. The defense of the Oilers could use some depth and talent boost to help out quite a bit. The goalies for the Oilers should help out as well with experience and could really start to help build up some of the younger talent, but still Koskinen is the projected starter, but still is an older goalie at 32 years old. That could help the Oilers out in winning some games, but it also means this could lead to the Oilers needing to win almost right away or they could fall out of this spot and become a major long shot to win the Stanley Cup.

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