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2022 Stanley Cup Odds - Avalanche Favorites to Win it All

After leading the odds for much of the 2021 season the Colorado Avalanche fell against  VGK in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now in 2021 the Avalanche are again the favorites to win it al and rightly so. Colorado is followed closely by VGK and the back to back reigning champion Tampa Bay Lightning. The NHL is again top heavy in 2021 as one of the favorites will win it all.

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

  • Colorado Avalanche+500
  • Vegas Golden Knights+600
  • Tampa Bay Lightning+700
  • Carolina Hurricanes+1100
  • Boston Bruins+1400
  • Toronto Maple Leafs+1400
  • Florida Panthers+1800
  • Montreal Canadiens+2000
  • New York Islanders+2000
  • Minnesota Wild+2200
  • Edmonton Oilers+2500
  • Pittsburgh Penguins+2500
  • Washington Capitals+2500
  • New York Rangers+2800
  • St. Louis Blues+2800
  • Dallas Stars+3300
  • Philadelphia Flyers+3300
  • Nashville Predators+4000
  • Winnipeg Jets+4000
  • Calgary Flames+5000
  • Chicago Blackhawks+5000
  • Vancouver Canucks+5000
  • Ottawa Senators+6600
  • Los Angeles Kings+7000
  • Arizona Coyotes+7500
  • San Jose Sharks+8000
  • Anaheim Ducks+10000
  • Buffalo Sabres+10000
  • Columbus Blue Jackets+10000
  • Detroit Red Wings+10000
  • New Jersey Devils+10000
  • Seattle Kraken+10000

The Colorado Avalanche come into the 2021 season with the best odds to hoist the cup next summer. Colorado opens as the favorite based on the dominance in the 2020 season before ultimately falling to VGK. Colorado has a good roster but a tall mountain to climb after losing a lot of depth. The Avalanche will compete at the top of the league but winning it all may be a bit much to ask.

The biggest change for VGK heading into 2022 is the fact that Robin Lehner and not Marc-Andre Fleury will be between the pipes. Lehner is an established goalie that will fit well with a VGK defense that returns in 2022. The Knights are expected to make more moves between now and the start of the year which will most likely alter the odds in favor of VGK.

Tampa Bay returns a big chunk of their core but have lost several key pieces. Only time will tell what Tampa Bay really has heading into 2022 but winning 3 cups in a row is almost impossible. With Nikita Kucherov and Brayden Point leading the way Tampa Bay is a team to be reckoned with and will compete for the 3-Peat.

There are several other teams with a realistic chance to win the cup as both New York teams, the Stanley Cup runner up Montreal Canadiens and the Florida Panthers all hold enormous value. The Cup is always a toss up this early and will take more time to rule out any teams. The 3 teams at the top of the mountain are the clear cut favorites and will do everything they can to stay atop the mountain to hoist the Cup.

Free NHL Pick:

Vegas Golden Knights +600

The Vegas Golden Knights took down the favorites to win the Stanley Cup in the 2020 playoffs with a 4-2 series win over the Colorado Avalanche. Vegas has one of the best fan bases in the league and a very talented roster returning in the 2022 season. Vegas will look to finally put it all together after coming close a few times without realizing the ultimate goal. 2022 will be the year Vegas gets over the hump. Final 2022 Stanley Cup Prediction, Vegas Golden Knights win it all.

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