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2021 NHL Championship Future Odds

The NHL season may have just ended, but already the odds are coming out as to who is going to come out and win this year. Now, the funny thing is the Lightning who would normally be one of the odds on favorites, which they are, are going to have a lot of problems in the game here. The NHL has a lot of changes with a strict 81 million dollar salary cap in place with a lot of teams having lower cap limits imposed internally.

Tampa Bay is one team that is heavily favored coming into the year. However, with the strict salary cap the Lightning may not be able to hold onto the players that helped them in securing the Stanley Cup this year. The loss of those star plays may actually hurt the Lightning and their chances of winning.

Vegas is coming to the season as another highly favored team. The good news is Vegas should not be in as much trouble as the other teams in regards to the salary cap. What else helps is Vegas did play really well in the games last year and how they were able to win a lot of the games that they have played in before getting bounced out of the playoffs last year.

Odds to win 2021 NHL Championship

  • Tampa Bay Lightning +700     
  • Colorado Avalanche +700     
  • Vegas Golden Knights +700     
  • Boston Bruins +1200   
  • Philadelphia Flyers +1600   
  • Washington Capitals  +1600   
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +2000   
  • St. Louis Blues +2000   
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +2000   
  • Dallas Stars +2000   
  • Vancouver Canucks  +2000   
  • Edmonton Oilers +2500   
  • Carolina Hurricanes  +2500   
  • New York Islanders +2500   
  • New York Rangers +2500   
  • Calgary Flames +3000   
  • Nashville Predators +3000   
  • Arizona Coyotes +4000   
  • Winnipeg Jets    +4000   
  • New Jersey Devils +5000   
  • Florida Panthers +5000   
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +5000   
  • Minnesota Wild +5000   
  • Montreal Canadiens +60000 
  • San Jose Sharks +60000 
  • Los Angeles Kings  +80000 
  • Buffalo Sabres +80000 
  • Chicago Blackhawks +80000 
  • Anaheim Ducks +80000 
  • Ottawa Senators +100000              
  • Detroit Red Wings +200000              
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