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2021 Eastern Conference Odds – NHL Picks & Predictions

The NHL is coming in with a potential to have a good season ran through on the year. However, the Eastern Conference will be looking to put a team that can defend the Stanley Cup and keep it in the Eastern Conference. So who is going to win the Eastern Conference this year and what are the odds?

  • Tampa Bay Lightning +350 – The Lightning are sitting at the favorite position right now. However, the Lightning will have to rely on some of their players to either take a pay cut or be cut with the smaller salary cap. The good news is the Lightning are deep talent wise compared to some teams.
  • Boston Bruins +600 – Boston is one team that has a good chance of making a good run, but will be challenged as well. Now, one thing that will help determine how the Bruins finish the season is if they stay healthy or not.  
  • Philadelphia Flyers +800 – The Flyers were able to shock a lot of people with how they played. The Flyers are a very consistent team and as long as their offense continues to play good and balanced they could have a chance to surprise again.
  • Washington Capitals +800 – The way the Capitals finished it was very disappointing. Now, the Capitals have to figure out how to play better this year and rely on Ovechkin to show up again this year, but also find a goalie who can mind the net.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +1000 – The Maple Leafs are playing good offensively this upcoming year with the players on the roster. The goalie who is coming back and should lead the team is Frederik Andersen who played great last year.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1000 – Pittsburgh will live and die based off of the stick of Sidney Crosby. When Crosby is in the game he provides an edge the Penguins need to have. When he is out the offense for Pittsburgh tends to fall flat.
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1200 – Sebastian Aho is one player that could help the Hurricanes out this season for the offense. However, with the defense the Hurricanes will hope that Petr Mrazek returns to form this year like he did last season.
  • New York Rangers +1200 – With the Rangers they were one team that was missing the offensive punch last year. To make it worse for New York is the fact that Keith Kinkaid is the most experienced goalie o n the roster.
  • New York Islanders +1500 – The lack of depth in the goalie position will make it hard to see the Islanders as a serious threat with Semyon Varlamov as the starter, but he is 32 and could have some health issues on the year.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +2500 – The Blue Jackets had a need for offense last year and did make some transition moves to get the offensive presence and coupled with the great goal keeping from last year could help the Blue Jackets out this year.
  • New Jersey Devils +2500 – The Devils built for a run last year, but it did not pan out for the team. Now, the Devils will be looking to P.K. Subban to lead them again this year, but without much talent around to help him it could be a mute point.
  • Florida Panthers +2500 – The offense for Florida is great, but even it could not make up the shortcomings of the goalies. Look for that to become the issue again this year as Sergei Bobrovsky is back to be the main goalie for the Panthers.
  • Montreal Canadiens +3000 – Montreal has decided to create a goalie battle with Carey Price and Jake Allen being on the roster. The other issue is the offense for Montreal was very sketchy at best.
  • Buffalo Sabres +4000 – Buffalo has been one team that tends to start off really quickly. However, the Sabres are one team that has always faded as the season goes on.
  • Ottawa Senators +5000 – Ottawa is a team that will move up on the year, but still are in the middle of their rebuilding process and that will make it difficult to see Ottawa as a serious threat.
  • Detroit Red Wings +10000 – With Detroit it will be very difficult to see them as a threat at all on the year. The Red Wings are an older team and one that will have to rebuild almost completely from the ground up to be seen as a serious threat.
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