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2020 NHL Western Conference Playoff Outlook - NHL Picks, Odds, & Predictions

The NHL playoffs may start right back up and if the NHL does that then the playoff battle could really be interesting in the Western Conference. The Western Conference had a very unsettled playoff picture when the NHL suspended play and now the league would like to resume here shortly, but it is unclear if the NHL will finish the season or if the NHL will jump straight to the playoff battle, which is what we are covering in the Western Conference here.

The Central Division looked fairly settled at the top 2 spots with the Blues and the Avalanche sitting 10 points over the 3rd place team in Dallas. However, the Stars were one team that was having a lot of issues in holding onto their position in the division and that would definitely be an issue for the Stars. Now, the top two spots though appeared to be a complete lock for the Blues and Avalanche.

The Pacific Division was one that had been bouncing as well. The top 3 teams were separated by only 7 points. The Golden Knights were the leaders with 86 point and they were closely followed by the Oilers with 83 points. The last team in the standings is the one that had been bouncing around was the Flames who had a total of 79 points.

With the Wild Card battle on the Western Conference the teams were going back and forth quite a bit. The Jets and Predators were the teams sitting on the top of the Wild Card race. However, the only teams that were really eliminated from the contest of running down the Wild Card teams were the Sharks and Kings. To a point the Ducks were numerically eliminated as well in the playoff race.

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Colorado Avalanche

With the Western Conference the playoff battle was definitely going to be a certain battle and the playoff race would have been a great one. Now, that the NHL may resume and go straight to the playoff battle, the team that should be looked at as being one of the better teams would be one of the better teams that could start off fast. The one team that was able to get  fast start going on the regular season was the Colorado Avalanche and without any regular season games being finished the Avalanche would be my pick to win the Western Conference.

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