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2020 Eastern Conference Metro Division Recap - NHL Picks, Odds, & Betting Predictions

The Metro Division is one that has some of the teams that are slated to make it back to the playoffs. Look for the Metro to definitely be one of the most interesting divisions, for the playoffs and that could really showcase the power of the Metro Division and how good the competition is for the Capitals and other teams and help explain why they are always a threat to win the Stanley Cup.

Speaking of the Washington Capitals they are one team that can really play strong and potentially win the Stanley Cup. The Capitals, though, when the pause happened had started to struggle and were being tracked down in the division, but at the pause had a 1 point lead. The Capitals offense has scored 240 goals, but allowed 215 goals.

The Flyers are definitely one of the most improved teams and one that could be a legitimate threat to win the Stanley Cup from the Capitals. The Flyers had started to run down the Capitals and now look like a team that could continue to play at a very high level. The Flyers have scored 232 goals, but have only allowed 196 goals.

The Penguins are one team that could come into the playoff picture here to start to get the win and power as well. The Penguins have managed to get a total of 86 points on the year so far. When it comes to goal scoring the Penguins have netted 224 goals and only allowed 196 goals.

With the Hurricanes they are one team that was battling for the Wild Card berth in the Eastern Conference. However, the Hurricanes did manage to get 81 points on the year. The offense for the Hurricanes ended up scoring a total of 222 goals and allowed only 193 goals.

Columbus is looking to come into the playoffs playing good as well. The Blue Jackets have ended up putting in a total of81 points and really started to improve quite a bit on the season. The offense for the Blue Jackets have scored 180 goals, but allowed only 187 goals.

With the Islanders the team has managed to get a total of 80 points on the season. The Islanders, though, have been far from consistent on the season and have had issues playing under pressure. When it comes to scoring the Islanders put in 192 goals, but allowed 193 goals.

The Rangers were lucky to make the playoffs but under the new format were a lock with how poor the other teams played. The Rangers have come in with a total of 79 points. Goal scoring for the Rangers was done for a total of 234 goals, but the defense has allowed 222 goals on the season.

New Jersey is one team that was eliminated from the playoffs even under the new format. The Devils have ended up with 68 points on the year so far. When it comes to scoring the Devils ended up scoring only 189 goals, but have allowed 230 goals, which explains why they were eliminated.

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