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2020 Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Recap - NHL Picks & Predictions

The Eastern Conference in the NHL could be very interesting coming in for the NHL playoff picture. The Eastern Conference, though, has a lot of teams that are coming in and could really be one of the best threats to win it all. With that being the case, here is a quick recap for the NHL Eastern Conference.

Boston Bruins are one team that reached the 100 point mark. However, the Bruins are a team that ended up playing great offensively with 227 goals scored and the defense for Boston was not that bad either with only 174 goals allowed.

Tampa Bay Lighting are coming in with a total of 92 points. The Lightning have been improving quite a bit and definitely looked like they are getting into playoff form. The Lightning on the year have scored 245 goals, but have allowed only 195 goals.

Toronto Maple Leafs are one team that seemed to be fading as the season went on. The Maple Leafs dropped to 3rd in the Atlantic with 81 points on the year. Scoring for the Maple Leafs was done to the tune of 238 goals, but the defense allowed 227 goals.

The Florida Panthers are sitting in 4th in the Atlantic Division but have a total of 78 points and were rising. The Panthers have ended up scoring a total of 231 goals, but have allowed 228 goals on the year.

The Montreal Canadiens are the last team to qualify under the 24 team playoff format. The Canadiens have ended up getting 71 points total. However, the scoring for Montreal has ended up sitting at 221 goals, but have allowed 221 goals.

The Buffalo Sabres are one team that started off playing great, but faded quickly. The Sabres have managed to finish with a total of 68 points on the year. When it comes to scoring Buffalo scored only 195 goals and allowed 217.

Ottawa was finally starting to look great again. The Senators for their part ended up with a total of 62 points on the year when the coronavirus pandemic forced the pause of the NHL season. The Senators have scored a total of 191 goals, but allowed 243 goals.

One of the worst teams in the NHL rounds out the Atlantic Division for the Eastern Conference and that  position belongs to the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings scored only 39 points total on the year and landed 145 goals, but were horrible defensively giving up 267goals.

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