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Today's best free NHL picks and predictions can be found here. Picks and Parlays has free NHL picks and predictions for every game of the NHL regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs. Free NHL picks and predictions are updated each day and therefore give you today's best NHL bets on a daily basis and readers have the confidence they need to make a knowledgeable bet on the NHL game they are interested in. 

Picks and Parlays Free NHL Picks and Predictions

Picks and Parlays offers free NHL picks and predictions on a daily basis as well as plenty of other information related to the NHL including parlays and props that give the reader even more information to use to place a knowledgeable bet on the game, player or team they want. Picks and Parlays has a expert staff of sports writers that have plenty of years of experience writing betting articles on the NHL and many other sports

Free NHL Expert Picks Explained

Picks and Parlays offers Free NHL Expert picks as well as expert cappers paid picks. Picks are made by experienced writers and cappers that research and then use tried and tested methods to come up with the best picks for their readers. The experienced writers have written sports betting editorial for years and the results are the best free NHL expert picks on the internet.

Explore the Best Hockey Betting Picks Today

NHL Puck Line Bets

NHL puck line Bets are based on a handicapping system of -1.5 or +1.5 and is hockey's version of a point spread. The favorite is at -1.5 and if you believe the favorite will cover, the team must win by at least two goals or more. If you believe the underdog (+1.5) will cover, the team can win outright or not lose by more than one goal. For instance if the Boston Bruins (-1.5) play the Philadelphia Flyers (+1.5) and you like the Bruins, Boston must win by two or more goals such as 3-1 or 5-3 for you to win the bet.

Free NHL Picks

Free NHL picks are available each day on Picks and Parlay, written by experienced Sports writers that use Tried and tested methods to give our readers the best possible pick for each and every NHL game during the regular season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. These free NHL picks are available approximately 24 hours prior to each game in order for bettors to have plenty of time to read them, do their own research and come up with a knowledgeable bet. 

Expert NHL Totals Picks

The total goals picks or free expert NHL hockey totals picks are the over/under picks. Oddsmakers set a total goals number for each individual NHL game and they are usually between 5.5 and 6.5. If a bettor decides that a particular game between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers will finish over the 6.5 goals total set by the oddsmakers, then the total goals scored must be seven or more .At the same time, if a bettor believes that the total goals will fall under that 6.5 total, the two teams cannot combine to score more than six goals.

Free NHL Moneyline Picks from Experts

Free NHL moneyline picks from experts are also available daily on the Picks and Parlays website. These free NHL moneyline picks are written by expert sports writers with plenty of experience. A great deal of research is put into each article in order to give our readers the best possible selection for each game.

Free Hockey Prop Picks

Free hockey prop picks are also available each day on the Picks and Parlays website. NHL staff writers who have been experienced in sports betting editorial research each game and come up with two props picks for games that are posted on a daily basis.

Does Picks and Parlays Provide Hockey Computer Picks?

Yes, on a daily basis both free and expert paid picks.

Types of Free NHL Computer Picks

Puckline, Moneyline, over/under goal totals, Props picks

NHL Betting Explanations: Everything You Need to Know About How We Make Our Picks

In NHL betting you can bet on the money line which is who will win the game straight up, you can also bet on the puck line which gives the underdog a 1.5 goal advantage and the favorite a deficit of 1.5 goals and The winner is determined by the final score. If the favorite wins by two goals or more and you picked the favorite then you win but if the underdog wins out right or loses by less than two goals then the underdog pick is the winner.

NHL Betting Trends to Follow

Hockey like most other professional sports uses similar trends that must be followed such as head-to-head competition, winning and losing records at home and on the road, injuries, divisional rivalries, current form and much more

NHL Betting Strategies: Tips and Tricks

One of the best betting strategies to use in the NHL is current form. The NHL regular season is 82 games long and teams will have ups and downs and therefore the way a team is playing at the current time is a great indicator on whether or not to bet on them or their opponent. In addition, since the schedule is so long, teams that are headed toward the postseason will at times rest key players and that could affect the outcome of particular games and of course it goes without saying injuries are an important part of NHL betting strategy as top players may miss action, which will affect the overall outcome of the game. There are other strategies that involve using betting trends that include head-to-head action, division rivalries and also home and away records

NHL Picks and Predictions FAQs

How often are these NHL picks and predictions updated?

Picks and Parlays offer NHL picks and predictions on a daily basis throughout the season and playoffs.

How to use these free hockey picks to inform my betting strategy?

You can use these free hockey picks by having confidence in the expert sports writers and their knowledge of betting on the NHL at Picks and Parlays and help you assist with your research.

When are Pick and Parlays NHL picks released?

NHL picks are released at Picks and Parlays approximately 24 hours before each game.