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Who Will Replace Tom Brady - NFL Odds, Picks, & Predictions

Tom Brady may have shocked some people when he announced on social media that he was thanking the Patriots fans. However, the big shock for the Patriots is the fact that Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, the question that is going around in the NFL is who is going to be the replacement for Tom Brady and if the replacement can actually fill the shoes that Brady has left behind.

While the Patriots definitely missed the boat on some of the high profile quarterbacks on the free agent market the Patriots are still in the hunt for a couple of the free agent quarterbacks. One of those that has had his name thrown around quite a bit is Jameis Winston. However, Winston may not be a good fit for the Patriots if you consider the fact that the Patriots prefer a more of a pocket passer. Winston is still getting comfortable in the pocket and how it is to throw out of the pocket which could rule him out.

Brian Hoyer did sign with the Patriots and he does have a good skill set, but the problem is Hoyer may not be a good fit for the Patriots.  Hoyer does have the experience, that could help out in getting the Patriots into a hold over for the year. With the signing of Hoyer it could lead to the Patriots looking to get  a quarterback in the draft, depending on what is available when the Patriots do get to make their pick.

With the other free agents that are available on the market for the quarterback position they are all older and may not give the Patriots the longevity that they would like to get in a free agent that would be coming into the system. That actually leads to the Patriots going to a potential trade and oddly the one quarterback that could make a great trade depending on how his team drafts would be Andy Dalton from the Bengals.

The draft will be interesting for the Patriots as the team definitely has a major void to fill now. The signing of Hoyer leads a lot of people to think the Patriots will look towards the draft for the replacement of Brady and a year of training on the  bench. The quarterback that would be a good fit for the Patriots and their game plan is Jake Fromm from Georgia. He has the arm strength the Patriots like, but also dating all the way back to his high school days Fromm has been one quarterback that has managed to keep a level head and has looked really good while doing it.


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Jake Fromm

Personally, this year is one that the Patriots will use to develop a rookie that they draft. I think it will be Jake Fromm that ends up going to the Patriots and he could really help the Patriots out. Look for the Patriots to rely on Hoyer and possibly one of the older veteran free agents like Joe Flacco to lead the team for a year while Fromm gets the experience at the NFL level.

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