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Top 5 NFL Free Agents as of 4/7/20

The NFL Free Agent market is definitely an open market this year. However, the free agent market is one that could dry up quickly as well. What really makes this year interesting is some of the big names on the free agent market this year and that will definitely make it a challenge for the teams to narrow down who they want to pick up. Here are 5 of the best free agents on the market in the NFL right now for 2020.

1. Cam Newton

The former Carolina Panther is one that is going to be an addition to an NFL team somewhere, but the thing is Newton is an older player and one that while he has guided the teams in the past really well is older and oft injured. That could make it very difficult for the teams to really consider serving up a big money deal to Newton like he may be expecting. What else hurts Newton is the fact that 2019 he was hardly on the field to be productive as he was injured quite a bit.

2. Jaemis Winston

Somehow the former Buccaneers quarterback lands towards the top of the list. Yes, he did not really have much in the way of a productive career so far. Now, Winston for the lack of big name support in the NFL in 2019 did show that he has a lot of potential that needs to be tapped and oddly could end up getting a fatter contract than what Newton gets. Winston finished the year with over 5,000 yards, but had 33 touchdowns. The detracting figure that could give the teams some doubts is the fact that Winston threw to the opponent 30 times.

3. Jadeveon Clowney

Teams may be willing to hand over the big money to Clowney. The defensive lineman has quite a few tools to rely on and could be making an impact almost right away for the team that does sign him. Clowney has the height to bat down the balls at the line at 6’5”, but also the right weight that will make it a little bit easier for him to get around the tackles at 266 pounds. Not to mention the strength and agility to shed the blocks to help turn the runner back up inside of the line.

4. Eric Reid

Reid is not really that big of a name anymore, but Reid is definitely one player that could have a good impact for the team that picks him up. Reid has had the last 2 years in Carolina, but in 2019 he did really well with 130 tackles and 4 sacks. Now, as far as pass coverage Reid is fairly solid, but at the same time did not get a pick in 2019. Reid was able to force a fumble in 2019 and picked up 2 fumbles that were on the ground.

5. Demar Dotson

Dotson could be a big name free agent signing at the offensive tackle position. Dotson has been one of the better tackles in the NFL and has definitely been able to prove that he has the talent while anchoring the tackle position for the Tampa Bay team. Dotson does have the size tht goes along with the talent that he has on his frame a 6’9” and 315 pounds. The big detractor that could hurt the value of Dotson is the fact that he is 34 years old and while he is in a position that does not take constant tackling hits like a running back there is a chance he could wear down over the seasons.

The NFL Free Agent market is one that will be hotly contested this year and could end up being quite a bit shorter than expected with the coronavirus. However, what is really impressive is the talent level of the free agent pool at the quarterback position is fairly deep. Look for the free agent market to make some impact for teams, but without a deep pool of big names this year on the market and those that are available being older players it may not have as big of a mark as expected.

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