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5 Sports Betting Tips For Beating The Spread

The spread is definitely one aspect of sports betting that makes it quite fun to wager on the sports. However, what you will find is betting the spread is a risk and one that could really cost you quite a bit of money if you get it wrong. That is why you need to have some tips that will help you in getting to beat the spread. With these tips it will be easy for you to get the spread betting covered and win more times than losing.

Keep Your Eye On Injuries

Injuries happen and that is just part of the game, but one thing that you do not need to do is overreact the injuries that happen in the sport you are betting on. Think about it, when quarterbacks get hurt in the NFL the backups are playing good and typically are able to play at a very high level. Just look at when Ryan Fitzpatrick had to come in off of the backup role. Overreacting to the injuries often is going to make it impossible for you to bet with a level mind. That is why when you are looking at the teams make sure you check out who the backups are on the field as well, on the off chance a starter does get injured.

Home Field/Court Advantage

The home field or home court advantage is something that you cannot really ignore. Yes, the road team may be playing great, but the chances are the home crowd tends to get the home team pumped up big time. This tends to lead to more plays and bigger plays from the home team. Now, that does not mean that the home team will win every game, but it does mean that the home field advantage typically exist. You do need to be wary of large spread for some teams on the road like Ohio State versus Akron or some smaller school as the spread tends to be really high and typically the home teams for smaller schools play better.

Check The Schedule For The Teams

The schedule can be really important for a lot of reasons. For football it could be a rivalry game or a team coming because if it is basketball or hockey and you are playing the spread the teams could be coming back off of a road trip. Typically when a team comes back from the road, they tend to have problems covering the spread because the players are not only tired, but also the players like to spend time with their family and that tends to make them a little bit sloppy.

 Keep An Eye On The Record

The records are one aspect of the games that you need to keep an eye on. When you are looking at the records you need to mainly look at the record of the teams against the spread. Yes, the overall record will have an impact, but it can be very misleading as some teams are great when playing overall, but when playing on the spread may only be around the five hundred mark. What else you need to do is make sure you check the records of the teams in head to head contest against the spread. This way you have a good idea on how the teams will face off against each other. Now, what else you need to do is start to look at the different way the teams have recently performed as well which will help give you a clue as to how the teams are going to do.

Look At Possibly Buying A Point Or Two

Buying a point or two could help out if you are really unsure or think the game will be a bigger spread or smaller spread than what the experts are calling for. For example, if you think the game will be a spread of only 3 and the spread is -4.5 then you could either wager on the opponent as the underdog if you are confident enough. However, if you do not mind either spending more or getting a worse payout you can buy points. This would allow you to spend more for the same reward, but better your odds at winning based off of the score you have picked out.

Beating the spread is one thing that everyone wants to do in sports better. With the best tips and plenty of time it is easy to beat the spread. However, finding the right teams and even killing the spread is not a guaranteed income and with the level of research needed not everyone will have time to cover the research needed day in and out. That is why so many people rely on handicappers and expert picks to help them in winning more than losing, which is why sports handicapping is not something to get into and take lightly as it does require a lot of work.

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