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2022 NFL Super Bowl Odds - NFL Picks & Predictions

The NFL season is starting back up soon and that will definitely make for an interesting time and give you some great entertainment on Sunday afternoons. However, if you are looking to find a good early bet on the Super Bowl now is the time to get in before the odds start to go crazy. Here are some of the favorites that we have in mind to make the Super Bowl and win it.

Kansas City Chiefs +500

The Chiefs are one team that has been able to do good last year. However, the Chiefs are also coming into the season with a lot of teams starting to figure out how to contain Mahomes and company. The one saving grace that could lead to the Chiefs getting a good chance of securing the Super Bowl crown is the fact that the Chiefs defense has finally picked up compared to what they have done before.

Los Angeles Rams +1300

The Rams are coming in with a new quarterback in the open that Stafford will be able to push the rams past the point. However, Stafford never managed to get over that point in Detroit who did not really have the supporting cast. Now, the key thing is if Stafford is able to settle in quickly or not.

2021 Super Bowl Win Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs    +500   
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers    +650   
  • Buffalo Bills    +1100   
  • Los Angeles Rams    +1300   
  • Baltimore Ravens    +1400   
  • San Francisco 49ers    +1400   
  • Cleveland Browns    +1600   
  • Green Bay Packers    +1600   
  • Denver Broncos    +2500
  • Indianapolis Colts    +2500
  • Seattle Seahawks    +2500
  • Dallas Cowboys    +2500   
  • New Orleans Saints    +2800   
  • Tennessee Titans    +2800   
  • Miami Dolphins    +3000   
  • Los Angeles Chargers    +3300   
  • New England Patriots    +3300   
  • Arizona Cardinals    +3300   
  • Pittsburgh Steelers    +4000   
  • Minnesota Vikings    +4000   
  • Chicago Bears    +5000   
  • Washington Football Team    +5000   
  • Atlanta Falcons    +6000   
  • New York Giants    +6600   
  • Carolina Panthers    +7000   
  • Las Vegas Raiders    +7000
  • Philadephia Eagles    +7000   
  • Jacksonville Jaguars    +8000   
  • Cincinnati Bengals    +10000   
  • New York Jets    +10000   
  • Detroit Lions    +15000   
  • Houston Texans    +17500   

Free NFL Pick:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650

The Super Bowl this year will have Brady back on the field again. However, the Buccaneers are coming into the season with a year to get adjusted to the way the team needs to perform and that will continue in the season this year and that will definitely lead to the Bucs being more of a threat on the year. Super Bowl Winner Prediction, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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