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2021 NBA Draft Odds - Cade Cunningham Odds On Favorite to be Picked #1

2021 NBA Draft #1 Overall Picks Odds

  • Cade Cunningham -8000
  • Jalen Green +1500
  • Evan Mobley +2200
  • Jalen Suggs +2500
  • Scottie Barnes +4500
  • Jonathan Kuminga +4500
  • Davion Mitchell +8500
  • Keon Johnson +8500
  • Jalen Johnson +10000
  • Franz Wagner +12500
  • Josh Giddey +15000
  • Moses Moody +15000
  • Corey Kispert +15000
  • James Bouknight +20000

Cade Cunningham Is the odds-on favorite to be the top pick in Thursday's draft. Cunningham dominated the college basketball season in 2020-2021 and made it clear he is the best player in this draft. There are other players to watch in this draft such as Jalen Green from the G League and Evan Mobley out of USC. Both Green and Mobley will go high in the draft each will come sometime after Cunningham as he is the clear-cut favorite to go number one. The Detroit Pistons have been offered current NBA players and other high first round picks to lure the #1 pick away but Detroit has held firm as their guard of the future is waiting at number one.

2021 NBA Draft #2 Overall Pick Odds

  • Jalen Green -200
  • Evan Mobley +210
  • Jalen Suggs +650
  • Jonathan Kuminga +2200
  • Scottie Barnes +2200
  • Cade Cunningham +2500
  • Keon Johnson +6600
  • Davion Mitchell +8000
  • Moses Moody +8000
  • Josh Giddey +10000
  • Corey Kispert +10000
  • Franz Wagner +10000
  • James Bouknight +15000
  • Jalen Johnson +20000

The #2 overall pick has a chance to go in a few different directions, but Jalen Green has separated himself as most likely for number 2. Green Made his professional debut this season with the Ignite in the G league and dominated throughout the season. The Houston Rockets have the number two overall pick and after losing perennial All Star and former MVP James Harden Houston is looking to rebuild at the guard spot. Jalen Green is a pure scorer with a good stroke from the three-point line who will fill the void in the Houston offense.

2021 NBA Draft # 3 Overall Pick Odds

  • Evan Mobley -165
  • Jalen Green +180
  • Jalen Suggs +300
  • Jonathan Kuminga +1100
  • Scottie Barnes +1500
  • Keon Johnson +6600
  • Davion Mitchell +6600
  • Cade Cunningham +10000
  • Moses Moody +10000
  • Franz Wagner +10000
  • Josh Giddey +20000
  • Corey Kispert +20000
  • Jalen Johnson +25000

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock in the 2021 NBA draft with the number three overall pick and will be looking to beef up the roster. With Tristian Thompson Gone and Kevin Love likely on his way-out Cleveland will lack size and a rim protector. Enter Evan Mobley big man out of USC. Mobley dominated the paint in the Pac-12 this season with a high motor and the ability to disrupt shots. Mobley is the type of player who can create around the rim, rebound at a high rate, and start a break with his defensive abilities. If Mobley is on the board at #3 look for Cleveland to take the big man.

2021 NBA Draft # 4 Overall Pick

  • Jalen Suggs -160
  • Evan Mobley +200
  • Jonathan Kuminga +280
  • Scottie Barnes +400
  • Jalen Green +600
  • Davion Mitchell +1500
  • Keon Johnson +5000
  • Moses Moody +5000
  • Franz Wagner +5000
  • Josh Giddey +7500
  • James Bouknight +15000
  • Jalen Johnson +20000
  • Corey Kispert +20000

The Toronto Raptors have the #4 overall pick and with the likely departure of Kyle Lowry will be looking for somebody else to step in and handle the ball. Jalen Suggs will be the best available player at #4 due to his ability to run the floor, knock down shots, and control a team’s offense. While Suggs Only played one year in college, he started for the consensus number one overall team as Gonzaga ran through the country undefeated until losing to Baylor in the national championship. Usually, a player like Suggs would not last until #4 and will be a steal for Toronto.

Betting on who will go number one will have no value as Cunningham is such a huge favorite. To make money in this draft the value starts with the number two overall pick. Picks 2-5 and into the later first round numbers hold a lot of value as there are a few different ways teams can go. The only surefire pick in this draft is number 1 as the other teams picking in the first round have several different issues that need to be resolved. Two names to watch to possibly slip in between picks two and five is big man Jonathon Kuminga and Scottie Barnes due to his ability to play and defend multiple spots.

Free NBA Pick:

Cade Cunningham -8000

The NBA Draft is Thursday July 29th at 8:00 PM and will see a lot of new players realize the dream of making it to the NBA.While the questions remain for some teams as to who will go where the question of the #1 pick has long been decided. Cade Cunningham is the consensus #1 overall pick and it is just a matter of time before the Detroit Pistons call his name. Cunningham ran over college basketball in the 2020-2021 season making it known he was the best player in the upcoming draft. The Detroit Pistons will get their floor general of the future Thursday night a few minutes after the draft starts. Final NBA Draft Prediction, the Detroit Pistons select Cade Cunningham #1 overall.

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