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Free Basketball Picks and Expert NBA Picks 

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most-watched professional sports leagues in the world and only continues to grow in popularity. With sports betting on the rise in the United States and beyond, it only makes sense that there are plenty of NBA fans eager to get in on the action. If you fit the bill and are ready to start betting on all your favorite players and teams, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Picks and Parlays Free NBA Picks and Predictions 

Picks and Parlays offers free NBA picks and predictions daily. We have a staff of talented writers that have followed the NBA for years and have the ability to predict the outcomes of games either using the moneyline, spread or over/under point total. The free NBA picks are posted approximately 24 hours prior to tip off of the games in order for bettors to have ample time to decide on who they will bet on.  

Free NBA Expert Picks Explained 

Free NBA expert picks on Picks and Parlays are written by experienced sports writers who do research for each and every game of the regular season and use tried and tested methods to come up with free NBA expert picks. Our free NBA expert picks are very popular amongst sports bettors online and give the bettor a pick that more often than not is a winner.  

Explore the Best Basketball Betting Picks Today 

Free NBA Point Spread Picks

Picks and Parlays also offers free NBA point spread picks. The point spread is set to help even up games in the NBA with the favorite having a minus sign (-) in front of the number such as -6, while the underdog will have a plus sign (+) such as +6. If you believe the favorite, in this instance Philadelphia (-6) will win and cover the spread, the 76ers must win by at least seven points to win the bet while if you like the underdog Brooklyn Nets (+6), they can win outright or lose by five points or less to win the bet.  

Expert NBA Totals Picks

Our expert staff of sports writers for the NBA also provide NBA totals picks which are based on the total points scored by the two teams combined. For instance, if the total points is 210 and you believe the two teams will score over that amount, then 211 points or more must be scored to win, while if you like the under, 209 points or less can be scored to win.  

Free NBA Basketball Totals Picks

Picks and Parlays offers free NBA Basketball totals picks for our readers. These picks are available on a daily basis and are posted approximately 24 hours before tip off. Bettors can read these free NBA basketball totals picks and make a much better decision on whether or not to pick the over or under in the different games scheduled for the following day. 

Free NBA Moneyline Picks from Experts 

There are free NBA money line picks from expert sports writers. The free NBA moneyline picks are picking the outright winner of the game and oftentimes bettors will opt for the money line when the game is expected to be closer and the point spread is minimum. The odds are, when the game is against two evenly matched teams, much better and taking out the point spread allows the better to pick the outright winner. 

Free Basketball Prop Picks

Free basketball prop picks are also available each day on the Picks and Parlays site. Props picks are either involving a particular player or particular team and can be total points scored by a player, total rebounds by a player, total points by a team, or first half points by a team. All free NBA props picks are based on the over/under. 

Does Picks and Parlays Provide Basketball Computer Picks? 

Yes, Picks and Parlays basketball experts use data and analysis from computers and other aspects to research picks. 

Types of Free NBA Computer Picks 

  • Moneyline 
  • Point Spread 
  • Over/Under 
  • Props Picks 

NBA Picks FAQs 

How often are these NBA picks and predictions updated? 

NBA picks and predictions are updated daily on Picks and Parlays. 

How to use these free basketball picks to inform my betting strategy? 

To use these, be sure to read each article and have confidence in our expert writers at Picks and Parlays. 

When are Pick and Parlays NBA picks released? 

Picks and Parlays NBA picks are released approximately 24 hours prior to tipoff.