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Most Proditable MLB Teams For Betting In The Past 20 Years

With baseball coming back for a very short 60 game season it is time to get primed up for the baseball betting game. While it is easy to fall in love with certain teams it could end up burning you if you rely on the same team to much. However, you can find some team that are consistent in winning you units day in and day out and here is the list of the best ones from the past 20 years.

1. Oakland Athletics – 68.19 units

The Athletics are not really known for being a big spending team. However, the Athletics are one team that has been very consistent in winning the games and have really started to show that they are a team that has the stretches that have seen them win and playing in the fairly weak AL West has allowed the Athletics to get some good division titles strung together to really add to their value.

2. Saint Louis Cardinals – 51.49 units

The Cardinals play in the NL Central and are one team that can be relied upon to potentially win the division in any given year. What is even better is the Cardinals always seem to pull the star players out of nowhere to help them in locking down the wins like they never thought they would be able to do before.

3. Los Angeles Angels – 48.36 units

What the Angels made the list? Yes, this is a list that is covering the past 20 years, not the past few years when the Angels were questionable. During the first 10 years of the 2000’s the Angels were one of the go to teams for a reliable bet and that has definitely helped to add value to the Angels stock here.

4. Texas Rangers – 34.64 units

The Rangers are one team that has been up and down with the first part of the 2000’s was very rough. However, the middle 2000’s to the 2015 or so season seen a new Rangers team. Now, the Rangers are on what appears to be a downward swing, but for the overall value the Rangers were not that horrible of a team and could vastly improve coming soon if the Rangers follow their pattern.

5. Atlanta Braves – 19.22 units

The Braves are the one team that did not reach the 20 unit mark that landed in the top 5. The drop from 4th to 5th is significant, but it is one that has seen the Braves starting to get their dominance back. Look for the Braves to continue to have this dominance coming up soon as the Braves have definitely revamped their roster, but at under 20 units will it really be worth it to bet big on the Braves?

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