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Least Profitable MLB Teams For Betting In The Past 20 Years

The majors already have featured the best betting teams in the past 20 years. Now it is time to find out who the worst teams have been. This is actually an easier list to compile than the winning teams, but it will definitely be one that could shock you with some of the teams that are on the list. The worst teams are going to go in order from worst to, well still horrible, but not as bad, in the way they rank.

1. Detroit Tigers – 207.9 units

This should not come as a shocker to anyone. If it does, then you may want to consider looking at a different sport. The Tigers have been one of the laughing stalks of the majors and have not really done anything to give anyone reason believe that it would change anytime soon.

2. Chicago Cubs -168.59 units

The Cubs made the list and while a lot of people  have talked about the curse being broken and how it was a good year, for the bettors it was not. The Cubs have not been consistent enough to really have a lot of wins strung together and to make it even worse the Cubs have had a run of bad luck in the early 2000’s and while it is not completely repeating itself, it is not far from it.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks - -136.47 units

The Diamondbacks have started to show some improvement, but it is very slow in coming and not really the improvement that can turn this trend around. Granted, the Diamondbacks did have some good runs in the 2000’s it has not been enough to really turn the losses for the bettors around that much.

4. Colorado Rockies – 132.32 units

The Rockies are one team that have not really been able to get the wins strung together on the year. Yes, the Rockies have played good baseball, but are still 200 games under 500 in the past 20 years. That should tell you just how bad the Rockies have been, yes they are consistent at losing to this point and that has landed the Rockies on this list.

5. Baltimore Orioles - -128.96 units

The shocking part about this is the Orioles were not rivaling the Tigers for the last spot. However, the Orioles are a team that has managed to get some good runs going and while the Orioles have dropped a lot of games, the Orioles are fairly consistent in how they play, which for some of the early 2000’s was really good and helped the Orioles to avoid falling even lower on the list here.

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