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Aside from providing an in-depth MLB betting guide, we also look to share free MLB picks from our experts. These MLB expert picks can range from a basic moneyline on upcoming games, to play-by-play baseball picks throughout the season.

These baseball picks are written by handpicked experts in the sport - no-frills - straight to the point and top-notch in terms of the industry MLB best bets. Read on for more information on our MLB picks

MLB Betting Picks From Top Experts

As mentioned above, we offer MLB expert picks from the top people in the sport. These MLB picks come from years if not decades of experience in the game; people who understand that their name is on the line, and their published baseball picks may move the needle in either direction.

Types of MLB Bets to Place With Our MLB Picks

MLB bettors will have access to a wide range of MLB picks, catering to various betting styles and personal preferences. A few of the most common options are discussed in detail below.

Run Line MLB Betting

TAs previously mentioned, run lines are baseball’s version of the point spread and involve predicting a team’s margin of victory or defeat. In most cases, the favorite is assigned a handicap of -1.5 runs, while the underdog is given an advantage of +1.5 runs. You’ll then have the option to bet on the favorite to cover the run line (i.e., win by two or more runs) or the underdog to win outright or lose by less than the run line.

Baseball Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting in baseball is just like any other sport and simply requires you to pick which team you think will win in a given matchup. Each team is assigned odds based on their projected likelihood of winning the game, and your potential winnings are determined by the odds of your wager. Betting on favorites typically offers a greater chance for success, while betting on underdogs offers a larger potential payout.

MLB Baseball Total (Over/Under) Betting

With over/under betting, you are predicting whether the total combined number of runs scored in a game will be higher or lower than what is expected. Instead of relying on the success of one team over another, you’re betting on the success of both teams’ offense or defense. The payouts offered by MLB totals bets are typically the same regardless of whether you bet the over or the under.

Baseball Prop Bets

MLB prop bets refer to wagers on outcomes that do not necessarily affect the outcome of the game. Prop bets can include individual statistical performances, such as whether a player hits a home run or how many total hits they get in a game, or they may involve team-based outcomes, such as whether a run will be scored in the first inning or how many total strikeouts will be recorded by a pitching staff.