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2020 Top College Football Offensive Guard Recruits

The offensive line is one of the most important positions on the football field. The line is the part that keeps the quarterback protected, but also blows open the holes for the running back. When it comes to the interior line it is going to be the position that makes the difference. Now, the college recruits are definitely looking to come in and help to open up the holes at a new level and here are the top recruits in the guard position.

Chris Morris is coming out of West Memphis, which is from West Memphis, Arkansas and not Tennessee. Now, he is heading to Texas A&M and could help to shore up their offensive line almost immediately. Morris is a larger player as well at 6’3.5” and 287 pounds which will definitely help the Aggies out in how they can run the ball.

Garrett  Hayes is heading out of Athens, Texas to play for TCU. Now, Hayes is one recruit that has all the skills that are needed for an offensive lineman, but also the size. Hayes is coming in as a fairly large recruit at 6’5” and 318 pounds and that will definitely help him adjust to the college game fairly quickly.

Paul Tchio comes from Milton which is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. You may think that a recruit like this would be heading to the SEC and Georgia, but that would definitely be misled thought as Tchio is going up to Clemson. Tchio does have decent size at 6’5” and 299 pounds, which is good for an incoming recruit and one that could help him and with the strong coaching from Clemson can easily develop his skills quite a bit better.

Andrew Raym is coming out of Broken Arrow in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Raym is still close to home by going up to Oklahoma for his education and chance to play college ball. However, Raym may have to wait a year or two before he can finally get out on the field as the guard class in Oklahoma is heavy. Raym’s size may be beneficial for his chances to play as he is 6’5” and 285 pounds.

Nate Anderson is the top recruit for the guard position and a lot of people in Texas will consider him a traitor. Anderson is coming out of Reedy high school in Frisco, Texas. However, the Texas boy is heading North to play for Oklahoma. Anderson is not even coming in as a large offensive guard either as he is 6’5” and only 262 pounds, which is very undersized, but Anderson does have a lot of hand skill that will help the Sooners.

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