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Team SoloMid vs. Team Dignitas 8/15/20 - 2020 LCS Summer Split Picks & Predictions

Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas Odds & Info

Game Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas
Date & Time Saturday August 15, 2020, 4:00 PM (EDT)
Latest odds
1.22 at 1xbet
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The 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs have only just begun, and yet we’ve been through a rollercoaster of emotions just two Best of 5s into the whole thing. The sights of Team SoloMid getting outclassed by the Golden Guardians isn’t something you’d ever expect to see, especially given the overall head-to-head record between the two organizations. But it wasn’t just the fact that they lost, but rather the fashion in which it all transpired. Team SoloMid didn’t look like a top-tier behemoth or even like a mediocre gatekeeper. Instead, they looked like an abysmal bottom-tier dweller that was outmatched and outgunned across the board.

That, in short, is not a shade of TSM we see all that often. They’re no strangers to losing, of course, but they always put up a fight. This time around, they were pretty much blown out of the water. So naturally, no one’s quite sure what to expect going forward. They’re facing one of the worst teams in the region, but they’ve looked so darn bad and out of sync that another upset could very well happen. At this point, there really are no guarantees whatsoever.

Still, they have multiple veterans aboard and losing in such one-sided fashion surely hurts far more than we could ever imagine. They’re hungry for redemption and they want to prove the naysayers wrong. To do so, they not only have to win against Dignitas but they need to make it quick — a statement in every sense of the word.  

Speaking of Dignitas, they haven’t been all that great either, but they did have that noticeable surge near the very end of the split — the main reason why they were able to clinch a playoff spot in the first place. They’re a heavily flawed team but they’re fighting for every inch of the Rift and they have a ton of heart, even though they might not look like it. With their bottom lane performing well above expectations, no one’s sure what to expect. Doublelift and Treatz looked horrendous against FBI and huhi, but that was more of a one-off occurrence, rather than their actual power level. 

Dignitas, in short, aren’t nearly as weak as most people think, and they’re more than capable of trading heavy blows with TSM, especially if the boys in black and white come out the gates looking as weak as they did against GGS. Still, they’re the perennial North American giants for a reason, and their mistakes — while egregious in every way, shape, and form — were still fairly obvious so they shouldn’t be too hard to fix. They’ve had enough time to prepare for Dignitas and they should, by all means, be able to get the win.

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