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Seoul Dynasty
Shanghai Dragons

Overwatch League - Seoul Dynasty vs Shanghai Dragons 4/26/20 - Esports Picks, Odds, & Predictions

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Game Shanghai Dragons vs Seoul Dynasty
Date & Time Sunday April 26, 2020, 4:00 PM (EDT)
Latest odds
SEDY 2.01 ; SHDR 2.89
TV Channel

Next up, we have an absolute spectacle on our hands: Seoul vs. Shanghai. This is arguably one of the most important matches in the entire Pacific East division and is also a clash between two insanely talented top-tier behemoths. 

Seoul didn't compete in quite a while (not counting their yesterday’s match against Hangzhou), but their start of the season was about as dominant as you can get. They're currently sitting on three wins and zero losses and, needless to say, everyone's dying to see them compete now that things have somewhat stabilized in the Overwatch League. They’re a layered, stacked team that can technically dominate regardless of the meta and they’re surely eager to prove it in this much anticipated match-up.

By the same token, Shanghai wants to do the same. In Seoul’s absence, Shanghai became the de facto titan of the Pacific East division. That said, they’ve been dominating the exact same teams over and over again so it’s not like they’ve proven their worth against the rest of the world. 

This is an endlessly fascinating match-up and it’s bound to deliver. Predicting the winner with confidence, however, is downright impossible. Shanghai played more matches so they’re less rusty but they’re arguably not as stacked talent-wise. Both teams have what it takes to trade heavy blows and the winner will be determined by the slimmest of margins. 

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Seoul Dynasty 2.01

In the end, however, we’ll side with the Seoul Dynasty. Shanghai’s “inflated” record looks great on paper but it’s not solid enough proof of their long-term potential. Still, this will be their first real test and if they can pass it then they’ll definitely become a force to be reckoned with.  

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