FunSpark ULTI Europe Finals 2021 4/24/21 - eSports Picks & Predictions

Date: 4/24/2021

Welcome Back to the FunSpark ULTI 2021 Europe Finals! Today we get the Lower Bracket Finals and Upper Bracket finals in 1 day! 

HAVU vs BIG, HAVU -123

To start the day at 8:15am EST we get the lower bracket Finals. Winner of this game will play the loser of the later game. 


First team in this game will be HAVU. HAVU has made their presence known in this tournament. After losing the first round against CoL 2-0, they have rebounded and won 2 straight games against VP and Dignitas. None of them were easy, both games went all 3 maps. In their recent game against Dignitas they had to come back after losing the first map, they proceeded to destroy Dignitas on the last 2 maps 16-8 and 16-6. ZOREE was the best player of that game by a lot with a 1.55 rating. Although he played great he will need more support from xseveN and Jemi to have a chance against BIG.


On the other side we get a resurging BIG team who after losing to Extra Salt in round 1 have not dropped a map. Granted none of the wins looked convincing having to comeback in both games vs EG, and than today having to go to OT both maps with CoL. They got the job done though. XANTARES finally showed up on the server along with k1to today having ratings of 1.20 and 1.19. Thus should be a good test for BIG tomorrow. 

Free CSGO play: BIG -103


ForZe vs Extra Salt, ForZe -139

We get to end the day with the upper bracket Finals! Winner will go to the Grand Finals! 


We will start with ForZe. ForZe is coming off back to back wins against VP and CoL. In their most recent game against CoL they won 2-1. KENSI and FL1T top the leaderboard for ForZe with 1.29 and 1.18 ratings. If they can have similar performance against Extra Salt they should be able to make it to the Grand Finals. 


Then we have Extra Salt who has, like ForZe, surprised us and made the upper bracket Finals. Wins over BIG and Dignitas, they had a slightly easier path to the Finals than ForZe. None the less they made it and have looked really good doing it. Their last game against Dignitas was quite impressive win 2-0 in 2 maps that they controlled the entire time. oSee and FaNg had amazing performances with 1.45 and 1.38 ratings! All of the ES players had ratings over 1.00. If they do that again they will have an easy time with ForZe. 

Free CSGO Pick: Extra Salt +104

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