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Flashpoint 3! 5/11/21 - CSGO Picks & Predictions

Welcome to Flashpoint 3! Flashpoint is a smaller circuit in the CSGO season. This tournament has 16 teams and a prize pool of $50,000. This Tournament does have an effect on future tournaments based on placement here. Tomorrow we get 2 good matchups, starting with BIG vs Complexity at 12pm EST. The second game is Fnatic vs Mousesports at 3pm EST. 

BIG vs CoL, Col -115

First Game of the day is BIG vs CoL. Starting with BIG, they are coming into this tournament on a little of a rough patch. They have won 2 straight games but they were in ESEA against teams out of the top 50. Last time they played top tier competition was Dreamhack when they went 1-2, with losses to Heroic and Vitality. XANTARES and Syrson will need to step it up in this matchup for BIG to have a chance. Not really sure how to look at this BIG team at the moment. 

I feel the same way about their opponents in Complexity. CoL struggled in Dreamhack as well, losing to Furia and Astralis, both in a 2-0 fashion. K0nfig has been the best player on the team the past couple tournaments for CoL but they will need more from BlameF and poizon. I think they have the advantage in this game and will most likely win. 

Free CSGO Play: CoL -115 


Fnatic vs Mousesports, Mousesports -182

For the next game we get 2 teams who we haven't really seen much of in the big tournament lately, Fnatic vs Mousesports, 

Fnatic comes into this tournament not looking too good, they have lost 8 of their last 11 BO3 series. Still needing to probably make some more roster moves I don't trust Fnatic to win anything right now. Jackinho still has some work to do to get to the tier 1 level. Fading Fnatic is probably the best way to go at the moment. 

On the other side we have Mousesports, who have been playing great lately. They have won 5 of their last 6 BO3 series, only losing to CoL in the Flashpoint Qualifiers. Dexter has been filling in well as the new IGL, Ropz is becoming a superstar and even Bymas has been really good as well! This is a bet on the team right now. -182 is a little too much chalk to laid so instead I would recommend taking them to sweep the series. 

Free CSGO Play: Mousesports -1.5 +156

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