DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 5/1/21 - eSports Picks & Predictions

Date: 5/1/2021

Here We Go! Welcome Back to DreamHack Masters Spring 2021! We get 3 elimination games tomorrow May 1st! We start off the day with BIG vs Team Vitality at 7:30am EST. Then move to Complexity vs Furia at 10:30am EST. Then to end the day we get Virtus.pro vs G2 Esports. And 1 thing for tomorrow…. The dogs will be barking!! 

BIG vs Team Vitality, Vitality -120

To start the day we get a solid rivalry from last summer! We get the Germans (BIG) taking on the French (Vitality)! These teams played multiple times last year and it was a very close battle all year 

To start off we get Vitality who have played well to start with their new addition in Kyojin. Vitality did lose in the opening BO1 round to Complexity 16-10 dropping them into the lower bracket to face Extra Salt. They went on to 2-1 Extra Salt in that series led by who else? ZywOo. ZywOo had a 1.53 in that series against ES. They will need ZywOo & co to perform to have a chance, against an all of a sudden hot BIG team. 

BIG has been looking really good lately winning FunSpark ULTI last week. They then went into this tournament and 16-6 Furia in the opening round. They did get swept last game against Heroic 2-0 but they were 2 competitive maps and Heroic is the current #2 in the world. It's hard to go against BIG right now on their hot streak and I'm not going to try to catch a falling knife. 

Free CSGO play: BIG +102 


Complexity vs Furia, CoL -182 

Next up we get the international roster of Complexity against the aggressive Furia from Brazil! 

Complexity aka CoL, has been a little bit rocky lately. In this tournament they beat Vitality 16-10 in Kyojin’s first pro appearance for VIT, and then they got swept by a Astralis team that just lost Dev1ce. So it hasn't been looking up for CoL lately. They need a lot more production from pozion and jks to be able to compete against Furia. 

Furia has been having a rocky road lately as well. Furia lost 16-6 to BIG in the opening round. They did look a lot better today against Pain Gaming winning 2-0. Pain is not the best of team but this should definitely give Furia more confidence going into today's game against CoL

Free CSGO play: Furia +150


Virtus.pro vs G2, VP -128

Final game of the day with a top 10 matchup! CIS’s Virtus.Pro will take on the superstars of Niko and Hunter, and G2! 

Virtus.pro came into this tournament struggling but have turned it around the past couple of games. In this tournament they beat FaZe 16-13 in the opening round. They did suffer a 2-0 loss to NaVi in the 2nd round. But were quick to turn that around with a win against a red hot Spirit team 2-0. They seem to have corrected whatever was wrong for their FunSpark tournament run. They look cleaner and more in control. But they have a matchup tomorrow against a tough team in G2. 

G2 is coming in this tournament on a good note. The team has been playing their best CS in a long time. They started off this tournament strong with a win against Spirit 19-16. They then went and gave the best team in the world a run for their money losing 2-1 in and overall competitive series. Then were able to take care of Mousesports with no problem winning 2-0 in dominant fashion. G2 is looking really good and hard for me to bet against them. 

Free CSGO play: G2 +106




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