Dreamhack Masters 4/29/21 - eSports Picks & Predictions

Date & Time: 4/29/2021, 12:00 PM UTC

Welcome to the Dreamhack Masters Spring Event! This is a 16 team double elimination tournament with a Prize Pool of $250,000! This starts on April 29th and goes to May 9th. Lots of Top 10 teams in this Tournament! First day is an 8 game slate of all BO1s. We will be going over 6 of those games (not going over the Gambit(-833) or Heroic (-476) game due to no value. 

Team Spirit vs G2, Spirit -152

First game of the day starts at 6am EST, so a nice and early start to the day! These 2 teams played against each other in the finals of Blast Premier Showdown on April 18th. This series resulted in a 2-1 win for G2. 

G2 has looked really good since dropping KennyS in March. Jackz has looked good since his return joining back with G2. Niko is starting to get back in form and amaneK is playing great on the AWP.   

Team Spirit has also looked really good as well. Many consider Spirit as a top 5 team in the world. Mir and degster are looking like top 10 players. The only concern is that Spirit hasn't played many competitive games lately besides the Blast event. 

Free CSGO play: G2 +126

NaVi vs Mousesports, NaVi -208

Next game we have is NaVi taking on Mousesports at 7:10am EST. This will be the biggest line that we will be going over which I feel has a lot of value for this game. 

NaVi has been struggling lately barely making the playoffs in ESL Pro League just to get swept by CoL. Since then they have benched flamie in favor of the youngster B1T. NaVi does seem to play well with B1T but there is still some inconsistency with NaVi. They will need some production from someone other than s1mple or electronic to win this game. 

Mousesports are starting to come into form since Karrigan left, winning 5 of their last 6 games, their only loss was to a red hot G2 team. Dexter is starting to fit in well with his new team. In a 1 game series anything is possible especially against NaVi. 

Free CSGO play: Mousesports +170

FaZe vs Virtus.pro, VP -139

To round out Group A, we get FaZe vs Virtus.pro. FaZe is coming into this tournament as a must play good situation. They have made a bunch of in 2021 and this project needs to start showing results. This team can easily be a top 5 team this year with their additions of Karrigan and Twistzz. This is a must win for FaZe

On the other side there is Virtus.pro who has been struggling lately with a last place showing at the Funspark ULTI earlier this week. Even YEKINDAR was saying that there were communication issues during their tournament run. I think these will continue for the time being until they prove otherwise. 

Free CSGO play: FaZe +116

Astralis vs Extra Salt, Astralis -189

This game will be the one to watch…. 8:20am EST

Astralis is completely in shambles. Dev1ce, Astalis long time AWPer and 7 time top 10 HLTV.org player has left to go to NIP. Astralis will be bringing in Bubzkji to fill in the role but Astralis is still completely screwed. For a team that was already under performing this is a HUGE blow. They will need lots of time to recover. 

Extra Salt on the other side has looked amazing! Besides losing in the Grand Finals to BIG this team has been playing lights out! FaNg and Osee have been outstanding! This team has potential to go far in this tournament. 

Free CSGO play: Extra Salt +155

Complexity vs Team Vitality, Complexity -141

Next game we get a strong Complexity team taking on a struggling Team Vitality, starting a 8:20am EST. 

Complexity is coming off a poor performance in the FunSpark ULTI losing their last 2 games in the tournament. That being said they are still a very strong team! k0nfig has been a beast lately and BlameF has been consistent as well! In a 1 game series they should be able to get the job done. 

Team Vitality has made a roster move recently dropping rpk and picking up an up-and-coming french talent Kyojin. This will be his first appearance in a tier 1 CSGO. Still a lot of questions with this team and they will be answered but not this tournament. 

Free CSGO plays: CoL -141

Furia vs BIG, Furia -123

Final game of the day will be the aggressive Furia team taking on BIG! BIG is coming off winning the Funspark ULTI reverse sweeping Extra Salt! BIG has made a great turn around. This BIG team can always be dangerous so they are never a team to look over. 

Furia will be on the other side of this game and this team has looked great since adding junior. A 3rd-4th place finish in ESL Pro League (losing to Heroic) and then almost beating Gambit in the Blast Premier Showdown. This team has a great chance at winning this tournament.

Free CSGO play: Furia -123

Keep in mind all these games are BO1 and can be crazy. Lets make some money in CSGO on Thursday April 29th!! 

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