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2020 World Championship 10/9/20 - Group B Second Round Robin Picks & Predictions

Group B at the 2020 World Championship is nowhere near as close and even as Group A, but it’s still packed with many talented teams, two of which are widely considered as some of the best challengers that have ever stepped foot on the Worlds stage — DAMWON and JD Gaming. In the end, however, it’s fair to say that we can divide these four teams into two groups: top-tier behemoths and mid-tier challengers. There’s just no other way of phrasing it, which isn’t a knock on Rogue or PSG Talon. On the contrary, these two underdogs always fight their hearts out regardless of the odds which is quite commendable, especially when we factor in whom they’re supposed to face.

But DAMWON and JG are simply on a whole ‘nother level. The LCK champions have looked nigh unstoppable so far and they’re deemed as the strongest and most dangerous team that’s currently competing. That’s quite high praise seeing how Top Esports and JD Gaming are also fighting for the Worlds throne, and it tells you all you need to know when it comes to gauging DAMWON’s overall strength and power level. They’re simply amazing across the board and the ease with which they traverse the Summoner’s Rift and fight regardless of the odds is just mesmerizing. We haven’t seen an LCK team this clean and dominant since the SKT T1 era, and it’s quite a surprise. We all knew they’d come into Worlds looking to dominate, but no one expected them to look this darn good.

The jury’s still out on JD Gaming, however. They’ve picked up the pace ever since Groups began, but they’re still not as good as DAMWON — that’s just a fact. Maybe that’ll change once Best of 5s come around but until that point they’re universally predicted as the second best team in Group B.

That leaves us with Rogue and PSG Talon, two talented albeit insufficiently capable teams that simply didn’t have any luck of the draw. They’ve been slotted into a very competitive group with two championship-worthy contenders that are simply better in every conceivable fashion. There’s no other way to put it, frankly. They might make things somewhat competitive early on, but once push comes to shove they’ll fail and falter almost by default. They’re outmatched in every sense of the word.

In the end, DAMWON and JD Gaming are all but guaranteed to dominate and ultimately lock down their spots in the 2020 World Championship quarterfinals.



2020 World Championship, October 9th

PSG v DWN — Winner DAMWON Gaming, 1.10 at Pinnacle

RGE v JDG — Winner: JD Gaming, 1.25 at Pinnacle

DWN v RGE — Winner: DAMWON Gaming, 1.15 at Pinnacle

JD v PSG — Winner: JD Gaming, 1.15 at Pinnacle

PSG v RGE — Winner: Rogue, 1.48 at Pinnacle

JD v DWN — Winner: DAMWON Gaming, 1.54 at Pinnacle

Group Winners: DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming as the first and second seed, respectively.

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