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Jake Collier vs Tom Aspinall 3/21/20 - UFC Fight Night Picks & Predictions

The heavyweight prelim battle will have Tom Aspinall with a 7-2 record facing off against Jake Collier with his 11-4 record. Now, both of these fighters are fairly young in terms of how many bouts they have fought, but still the two will put together a great battle for the fans.

Aspinall is heading into the bout here with a height and weight advantage. Tom Aspinall comes in standing at 6’5” and tips the scales at 255 pounds. The other fighter is Jake Collier who has a 6’3” frame that sports 205 pounds of weight.

The Prototype is heading into this bout with a 3-2 record in the last 5 matches. Out of those fights 3 out of the 5 went to a decision with a 1-1 record in the unanimous decision. The split decision that Collier had ended up being a win, but that dates back to 2015. The other 2 bouts were a split with a KO/TKO in the battle.

With Aspinall he is coming in with a heavy glove with a 4-1 record in the last 5 bouts. The one los that Aspinall had was a DQ from having illegal elbows in the match, but that was back in 2016. The bouts since that have been wins by a TKO or KO. In fact, all of the wins for Aspinall have been by a TKO or KO in the last 5.

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Tom Aspinall -175

The bout here is one that will pit Collier in a bout that he is outmatched in. Yes, Collier will put up a good fight, but with the way that Aspinall can use his hands and the record of the TKO/KO battle that Aspinall has put up recently it is very hard to bet against Aspinall in the match. UFC Fight Night winner, Tom Aspinall.

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