Giga Chikadze at Edson Barboza 8/28/21 - UFC Picks & Predictions

Edson is coming to the fight here standing at 5’11” and a total of 146 pounds. Barboza has ended up getting a 75 inch reach in his career so far. The overall record for Barboza is coming in at 22-9-0 so far in his career. 

When it comes to the fighting stance that has been used Barboza is coming in with an orthodox stance. However, the fighting style that has been used is more of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and striker combination. The last 5 bouts ended up going 2-3. The losses have been by 2 split decision losses and a KO/TKO loss. The wins have come by a unanimous decision win and a KO/TKO win. 

Giga is coming here standing at a height of 6’0” and has ended up weighing in at a total of 146 pounds. The reach for Chikadze is coming in at 74 inches so far in his career. The career mark for Giga is coming in at 13-2-0 on the career. 

When it comes to the fighting stance that has been used by Giga in the past has been the orthodox style. When it comes to the fighting style that has been used Giga has ended up being a striker on the year. The last 5 matches have seen Giga go 5-0. The wins have been a split decision, 2 unanimous decision wins, but also 2 TKO/KO wins as well.

The fight here is coming in with Giga throwing 3.55 strikes per minute with 45.52% accuracy. Edson is coming in throwing 4.16 strikes per minute with an accuracy of 45.47% on the career. With Edson the fighter is coming in throwing more strikes that are landing at almost the same level of accuracy, but also doing better on the takedown average and accuracy. That will be the difference in the fight here as Edson Barboza wins the fight here. UFC Fight Night Winner Prediction, Edson Barboza. 


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