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Top Recommended Sportsbooks – Best Betting Sites 2020 Reviewed

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned PASPA last year, the New Jersey market has been flooded with new sportsbook operators. There are plenty on the market, some with retail shops and some with online sportsbook operations. Which one is the best for you?

  1. 1
    • Great sign-up bonuses
    • Excellent interface that is clean and sleek
    • Nice variety of deposit/withdrawal options
  2. 2
    • Easy to deposit and withdrawal
    • Great Live Betting
    • Variety of lines available
  3. 3
    • Great bonus offerings
    • Lot of banking options for deposits
    • Impressive platform
  4. 4
    • Nice selection of promotions and bonuses
    • Very nice interface and mobile app
    • Doesn’t have the greatest customer service
  5. 5
    • Long-running and well-respected in the industry
    • Great mobile app that has won awards
    • Top-notch Live Betting options
  6. 6
    • Offers PointsBetting system, a unique variation on sports betting
    • Loyalty rewards program
    • Live and mobile betting offered
  7. 7
    • Great sign-up bonus
    • Mobile-first company with lots of experience
    • Ton of promotions and contests

Here at Picks and Parlays, our goal is to provide you with a transparent and comprehensive insight of legal sportsbooks in the US. We follow trends, deposit information and objective consumer reports for betting sites in all states where online sports betting is legal. Each sportsbook has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, and there are rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to protect customers. We don’t want you betting on sports at the wrong site, so we’ve compiled this in-depth analysis for each one.

Our goal is to give you the goods on which betting sites are the best and which ones are less than stellar. Whether you’re looking to bet on the NFL, NCAA football, the NBA, NHL, MLB or any other sport, we’ll help you choose the right site for your needs.

* Terms and Conditions apply to all bonuses offers on this website. Please visit operator for details.

Our Criteria for finding the trusted sportsbooks online

We are here to give you a rundown for what elements to look for in a sports betting website in New Jersey. Nobody wants to have a bad experience when they are doing business with a company, and that includes betting sites. We have carefully analyzed each site and weighed our criteria when we make our selections for the best sportsbooks.

When evaluating betting websites, we look for the following:


Usability – What Makes an Ideal Betting Experience?

Is the website easy to navigate? Does it look nice and make you want to go back. Does it load quickly, and is it responsive?

“Customer service is key,” as the old saying goes, and that proves especially true when it comes to online sportsbooks. Unlike in the casinos in Las Vegas (or even some of the retail shops in New Jersey), there is no physical place you can go to deal with online sportsbooks. In essence, the online sportsbook is just a virtual version of the retail shop.

That being said, each online sportsbook will have a physical location of their company’s headquarters – and this should be listed on their website. What also should be listed is contact information for the company and at least a FAQ or About Us page to tell you more about the company and make you feel comfortable about betting there.

One other effective way you can get in touch with the sportsbook operator is with social media. Just like any business in another industry, all reputable online sportsbooks operators should have established social media accounts that are easy to find and that respond to customers’ inquiries. You should easily be able to locate and follow/like those social media accounts and see how they interact with their followers/customers to give you a gauge on whether they are worth doing business with.


Website Security

Nowadays, website security is one of the most important aspects of doing business on the internet. It seems that every day, a new piece of news is released about another company’s website being hacked, and people’s personal information being exposed.

When you are wagering at an online sportsbook, you are providing some of the most personal and important information you have – your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number and banking information. It’s essential, then, that you’re doing business with an online sportsbook that protects your information.

While we might not talk about website security much in our reviews, know that we weigh It very seriously when we analyze each online sportsbook.


Strong Financials & Quick Payouts

What good is an online sportsbook if you have trouble cashing out when you want to? The answer is it’s not good at all. 

Our sportsbook ratings are shaped in large part by the solvency and payout track record of each site. Sites that struggle to pay bettors on time (within their advertised payment window) are unfit to be on our list. We have ensured that any sportsbook that has made our list has no outstanding payout complaints.

SBR routinely conducts polls of the online sportsbook community (which has more than 400,000 active members) to determine how quickly players are being paid and any issues they may have encountered along the way. As such, the online sportsbooks listed here are subject to change should issues arise. Placement on this list is not for sale.


Established Years Online

Another big measuring stick is number of years a sportsbook has been online without any major blemishes. This is very important, as the long-standing sportsbooks are the ones that can be trusted most.

There are many online sportsbooks that have gotten their start within the last seven years, but those will not be included in our rating guide. They simply don’t have enough mileage and history of doing right by players yet to make our best sportsbooks list.


Bonuses, Loyalty points and other Perks

Consistently raking in the money through sports betting can be difficult without the use of bonuses, loyalty points and other perks such as promotions. This is just one reason why it may behoove you have an account at multiple online sportsbooks. 

The online sportsbooks we list here have some form of free play, cash bonus or even reduced juice (discounted bookmaking margins) that occur either at sign-up or on an ongoing basis. Any online sportsbook that offers a ridiculous bonus or has an inordinately high rollover requirement does not make the cut for inclusion on our list.

We only list the companies that have reasonable, achievable and fun perks for players who can get a decent bang for their buck. We do not list any sportsbooks here that have impossible to achieve/complete wagering requirements, or any that hide fine print in hidden pages.


Depositing & Receiving Funds from Online Sportsbooks

What are your deposit and withdrawal options? Do they accept credit cards, e-wallets, checks, other third-party payments? Is it easy and fast to withdrawal your winnings?

One of the most important factors in making a good sportsbook are how fast and easy it is to deposit money into, and withdrawal money out of, your account. Sometimes, this can be more difficult than players would like.

The sportsbooks that have made this list have shown initiative in this area by keeping up with the times and adding some unique and inexpensive ways to fund accounts, such as Bitcoin and other options for quick and convenient funding. More and more bettors today are looking for quick and cheap ways to fund their accounts.

It should be easy and hassle free to move money into and out of your online sportsbook account, so that you can start playing and wagering right away – and then get your money out when you want it. The best online sportsbooks are the ones that have proven over time to allow this to happen.


Number of betting markets, betting types and odds payouts

How good are the odds compared to other online sportsbooks? How many betting markets does a site have? 

What types of bets does the site offer? Do they have moneyline, parlay, props, point spread, teasers and totals bets? Do they offer live betting? Do they offer alternate lines or other unique betting options? Do they offer all the main sports you’d want to wager on as well as others? Do they offer the lines you want on the most popular sports?

Each online sportsbook will have all the basic lines on the major games, but the best ones are those that offer wagering on off-the-radar sports and exotic lines and bets. This could include super teasers, proposition bets, instant betting and intricate live betting options. The key is finding an online sportsbook that has all the offerings that you would desire.


Software & Mobile Betting Platforms

Today, mobile wagering accounts for more than half of all sports betting volume. This is a number that is sure ton only rise in the future, as players have found wagering on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to be more convenient than doing so while sitting in front of a desktop or laptop. 

All of the sportsbooks that we list here have a dedicated mobile platform that at the very least optimizes the experience for mobile devices. Some have taken it a step further and designed a mobile app specific for the both Android and Apple devices. This is key to give all sports bettors a world-class betting experience.


Good Customer Service

What happens if you need help with your account? Does the online sportsbook have a customer service team at your disposal 24/7? Is it easy to find information on how to contact them? Do they have a Live Chat feature on their website or through their mobile apps?

You may not ever need the help of customer service, but if you do, you need it quick and fast. Getting bad customer service can ruin your day and ultimately your entire experience with a company. That’s why we are constantly surveying and monitoring the posting forum to get feedback from bettors in the area of customer service. We also conduct email response tests to measure how much time it takes for sportsbooks to address random questions.


Other important features

All online sportsbooks that we feature offer either phone support for customer service and Live Chat, which is the preferred method of contacting online sportsbooks, according to most players. 

Other additional features could include if the online sportsbook has an online casino or racebook, and are there other options besides betting on sports?


How to create an account

Signing up at an online sportsbook is an easy process – or at least it should be. It should be easy to find the sign-up section on the sportsbook page, and then easy to fill out the form with all your personal information such as your name, email address, date of birth, etc. 

You should be given clear options for how to fund your account with a deposit. How you fund your account is up to you, but you want to make sure that the online sportsbook you choose has your preferable banking method. When you are signing up for an account on a site, you want to make sure you have your deposit information handy (more on that below), because once you sign up, you’ll want to fund your account right away so you can start playing and place your first bet.

One thing you should note is that in New Jersey, the law requires that you can only make an online sports bet if you are physically located in the state. You do not need to be a resident of New Jersey to place an online sports bet. However, you do need to be physically located in the state when you do so. 

As such, each online sportsbook is required to verify your location before they allow you to place a bet. They do this through geolocation technology. So, when the site requests to access your location, make sure you allow it, otherwise, you won’t be able to place bets on the site.


Best Sportsbooks by sport

If you’re looking for the best betting action on a specific sport, this is the section of our guide you want to focus on. We list our top recommended online sportsbooks broken down by the sports they offer for the most superior action. There will be some crossover here, as some online sportsbooks simply outperform the others in multiple sports.

If you tend to want to be on multiple sports, it’s suggested that you select a sportsbook from the top of the page or from one of the lists below. It all comes down to how serious you take sports betting, or how serious you plan to take it. If you’re just going there for some casual fun, then you can check each list for the sport(s) you intend to bet on. If there is one site that covers all of the sports well, then that’s great. If not, you may want to consider joining multiple sportsbooks and betting on each different one based on the sport that they are strong in.


Football, Basketball and Baseball

In the American sports betting market, these sports are commonly known as the Big Three – professional football, basketball and baseball (as well as the college versions of the first two). These are not only the most popular sports to bet on in the U.S., but in the entire world, too. 

No matter where you live, if you’ve bet on sports in the past, chances are you’ve bet on one or all of these sports. If you haven’t bet before, it’s likely these are the sports you’re interested in wagering on. That’s why it’s important to find an online sportsbook that offers a top-notch experience in these sports.

Our list below will make recommendations to you about which sites have the best offerings for the Big Three sports. We take into account the criteria for all three of these sports, as well as individual information on each sport separately and how the sites perform. You can click the links below and pick out a site that works for you based on their performance for each of the Big Three sports.


Best Sportsbook by Sports/Leagues/Events

The Big Three sports are not the only ones that you can make a killing on. There are plenty of other sports that you can have fun wagering on and make a profit, too. In reality, it all comes down to finding the best values on the market and picking winners. Doing so starts with finding the right online sportsbook that offers the action that you need.

If you’re ready to get started, click below on the sport or sports that you’re interested in to see our recommendation for the top online betting sites that cater to those specific sports. Certain sites will play favorites with certain sports. There’s no rhyme or reason why certain sites do that, but we just embrace it and take it as a win that they cover our favorite sport more effectively than others.


Best Sportsbook by location

Sometimes, some sportsbooks will cater to the location where you live more so than others. There are times one when sportsbook will offer better action one one sport that is more popular based on your location than others. This is important, especially if you live or reside in a market where things more heavily-regulated than in other parts of the country or world.

To figure this out, find your region below and check out our top-rated online sports betting sites in your particular area. We update these sections regularly as things change in the market. Changes here could be updates to legislation that enables new sites to enter the market, for example. Whatever the case may be, it’s our mission to make sure you have the knowledge and information on the best options for betting on sports in your area.


Best US Sports Betting Sites – by state

If American is where you call home or are currently residing, there are more and more online sportsbook options for you every day. One thing to note, though, is that the legislation that governs how you can bet on sports, and what sportsbooks can and can’t do, can vary significantly by state. There is no one set of rules and regulations that determines what a sportsbook (and bettor) can and can’t due nationwide.

Because of this, we highly recommend that you check out our list of the best U.S. sports betting sites below. This is the one section of our site that we find ourselves updating the most frequently, so please be sure to bookmark this page if you like to jump around between books frequently. As legislation throughout the country changes, more companies enter into the markets, which means your options may change frequently as well.


Global Sportsbooks

We have not forgotten the rest of you who may be located in other parts of the world, too. Certain regions such as Europe, Canada, Asia, the UK and Australia have some of the largest sports gambling markets in the world. We know that you have wants and needs that are typically different than those of bettors from the United States.

Not only do you have different sports that you follow heavily, but you also have different rules and regulations that govern what you are and are not allow to do. You even have different ways that you prefer to have your betting options presented to you. 

To help you out, our international staff has put together a list of the best online sportsbooks that are available to you in your country or region. Simply click on your country, continent or region below to get into the action on the right site based on your current location.


Best Sportsbooks by Event

Once you decide what is most important to you, it will be much easier for you to find what you’re looking for. This is true in most things in life, and finding a sports betting site that fits you best is the same thing. 

Maybe what’s most important to you is live betting. Maybe you want high-stakes betting action. Maybe you like new sites or off-the-beaten-path wagering options. Maybe you like flashy graphics and a fun site.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in an online sports betting site, we have you covered. Below, you will find our top online sportsbook recommendations broken down by type and category. All you have to do is select the category with the criteria that is most important to you, and our experts will show you the best options that cater to your wants and needs.

One thing we want to note is that just because a site might not be listed doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the same criteria as sites on other lists. Just because a site may be listed on the live betting list and not the fast payout list, for example, doesn’t mean it has slow payouts. It may just mean that there are other sites that offer ridiculously fast payouts, or that some sites might have a better live in-game betting platform.

If you’re ready to find the best online sportsbook based on your categorical needs, then click the appropriate links below.


A comparison: Sportsbook Online vs. Live/Landbased Betting

You may be used to betting at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook or in-person casino. You may be used to betting with a shady bookie in the backroom of a bar. If this is the first time you’ve ever considered an online sportsbook, we want to ensure that you are covered with the differences and benefits of making the switch to this form of sports betting.

Before, the world of online sports betting was like the Wild, Wild West. Today, though, the industry is heavily regulated and offers a high-quality experience. Here are some of the differences and benefits of the online versus live betting sportsbook world.

Online vs In Person



It would be hard for anyone to argue that betting online is not more convenient than betting in person at a retail sportsbook location. When you bet at a brick-and-mortar location, you have to get in your car or other mode of transportation and travel to the physical location, wait in line, place your bet, drive back home, wait for the game to end, travel back to the sportsbook, wait in line again to cash your ticket and travel back home again. The other option would be to wait at the sportsbook until the game ends and then travel back home again.

Betting online is a totally different story. All you have to do is access the online sportsbook via a computer or mobile device, place your bet, wait for the game to end (from wherever you are) and see the winnings get deposited into your account. You can very easily deposit your money, place your bets and request your winnings from wherever you are. You can be on the run doing other errands or never even leave the comfort of your own home if you desire. 

You don’t have to get a babysitter for your kids or animals. You don’t have to leave your significant other for long periods of time. You don’t have to halt the rest of your life. You simply need to take a few moments to go online and place your bet.

The point here is that it’s way simpler and there are far fewer steps you have to go through to deposit money into your account, place a bet and collect your winnings. It takes minutes to place 10 bets online, for example, while placing even one bet at a brick-and-mortar location could take hours. Not to mention there could be stress or pressure associated with all the travel time, waiting in line and other things you have to deal with such as nagging family members who are wondering when you are going to return home.


Money and protection

We don’t want to get into the added stress that comes with betting at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, but it is important to lay out the extra costs that could eat into your profits.

Let’s take a look at a potential scenario …

You may be a casual bettor who wants to bet $20 on a baseball game over the weekend. We’ll assume you don’t have any kids or pets that would need someone to watch them. Basically, you’re free to come and go as you please to the sportsbook without anything holding you back. We’ll also assume that you have an easy mode of transportation that has good gas mileage (around 30 miles per gallon), and you live relatively close (15 miles or so) to the retail sportsbook.

You are able to get to the casino and park relatively easy (and we’ll assume parking is free). You make the decision to place a bet on the Houston Astros to win with the juice of -110. After you place your bet, you go home and watch the game. Luck for you, the Astros win the game, 4-1. You head back into your car back to the casino to collect your winnings. You park, head inside and wait in line. 

When you get to the window, you get your profit of $18.18. You head home excited about your win.

But how excited should you be really? Let’s take a look at how much money you actually made from that win.

First, you drove 15 miles each way to place your bet and then collect your winnings. In total, you drove 60 miles. If gas is cheap (at around $3 per gallon), you used approximately two gallons of gas to place the bet and collect your winnings. Your profit in this case, would drop to around $12. 

That would mean your profit dropped by one-third just because of the travel cost associated with placing a bet and collecting the winnings. If you are further from the sportsbook, that cost would only go up and eat into your profits even more. This doesn’t even account for other additional costs such as possible tolls, parking costs or if you needed to hire a babysitter to watch your kids and/or pets.

Why do we share this story? Because it’s very important to realize that there are hard costs that are associated with placing bets when you do so at a brick-and-mortar location.

When you bet online, on the other hand, none of these costs exist. You don’t have to drive to a physical location. It’s likely you have no costs associated with parking your car. You don’t have to pay for gas if your car sits in the driveway or parking spot. Sure, you have to pay for an internet connection (and possibly data on your smartphone or mobile device), but it’s likely you do that anyway. 

The point is that there are next to no costs associated with placing an online sports bet and collecting your winnings. There’s nothing that will eat into your profits.


H2: Frequently Asked Questions on Sportsbooks

Q1: What are the general rules and regulations when it comes to betting online in New Jersey?

A1: New Jersey is one of the more lenient states when it comes to online sportsbooks. In fact, they rival the rules of Nevada. The only major requirement they have is that you must be physically located in the state to place an online sports bet. You do not need to be a resident of the state – you only have to verify your location in the state when you want to place a bet.


Q2: Will all banking options be available to me?

A2: One thing you have to keep in mind is that even though sports betting is legal in New Jersey, it isn’t legal in every state. As a result, even though an online sportsbook might accept deposits via Visa debit cards, your financial institution may block transactions for online gambling sites. If this is the case, you may need to turn to an alternate method of funding your account.


Q3: What is the most important factor I should look for in an online sportsbook?

A3: Like most things in life, this is subjective. Beyond finding a site that is safe and secure, what matters most to you may not matter most to someone else. In fact, picking the right sportsbook for you is a personal choice. So, decide what you desire first and then find a sportsbook that meets your needs.


Q4: Do all online sportsbooks have land-based affiliates?

A4: In New Jersey, yes. All online sportsbooks are required to have an affiliation with a land-based casino in order to operate online. However, this doesn’t mean that they have a brick-and-mortar sportsbook at that location. Some online sportsbooks do have that option, but others don’t.


Q5: What separates one online sportsbook from another?

A5: Again, this is really a personal decision. Once you’ve weeded out the best from the “also-rans” (based on things such as security, platform, speed of banking transaction, etc.) what makes one online sportsbook better than another depends on what you desire. Some online sportsbooks are better for soccer betting, for example, while others specialize in live, in-game betting. Decide what’s important to you first, and then figure out which online sportsbook specializes in that area.