Daytona 500 - Sunday 2/16/20 - NASCAR Picks & Predictions

Game: Daytona 500 vs Daytona International Speedway
Date & Time: 2/16/2020, 6:00 PM UTC
Location: Daytona International Speedway
Address: Daytona Beach, FL
TV Channel: FOX

The Daytona 500 is going to have a great race on Sunday and while the race is very popular still it is a race that a lot of people consider to have lost some of the luster it used to have. However, the Daytona 500 is a race that the followers know sets the tone for the rest of the season for the teams. On the downside, a lot of fans would think that winning the pole would help out the drivers in getting a leg up on the competition.

While the pole sitter in this race is Ricky Stenhouse Jr. the pole position has not won the race in 20 years. That definitely does not bode well. The good news is Stenhouse has ended up getting  decent 30/1 odds to bring home the win, but still Stenhouse is not the odds on favorite to bring home the win.

Denny Hamlin the winner from the race last year and the second place finisher from last year Kyle Busch are both a couple of the odds on favorites to win the race this year. However, both of the drivers are going to have a hard time as the favorite has not been overly lucky in the Daytona 500 in the past either.

One driver who has come close to winning the race and fell short before by just a few inches is Martin Truex Jr.  While Truex Jr. has come close before he will have a great race here as Joe Gibbs racing has started to improve quite a bit in the past compared to what Joe Gibbs racing used to do.

Free Auto Racing Pick: Martin Truex Jr. 14/1

The Daytona 500 is a great race and one that has seen a lot of great racers win. The downside is the pole position is not a winning position in this race. Look for the race to be a close battle with some lead changes, but not any major accidents happening in the race.  The winner, though, comes from the Joe Gibbs racing team as Martin Truex Jr. has been one of the better drivers in the past who did not get a win, but that changes this year. Winning Driver Prediction, Martin Truex Jr. wins the race.


Craig Trapp
WIN/LOSS 49/33
PROFIT $989.00
Terry Edelmann
WIN/LOSS 63/54
PROFIT $937.00
The Insiders
The Insiders Room
WIN/LOSS 44/31
PROFIT $862.00
Ricky Tran
WIN/LOSS 31/18
PROFIT $838.00
Easy Eddie
WIN/LOSS 34/23
PROFIT $809.00